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The water damage & extraction process

It is imperative to address water damage and its effects immediately. Water damage is responsible for more property damage than any other element. Solid Restoration has the experts to get your home back in tip top shape. 



  We use state of the art moisture detection equipment to locate and monitor water damage in various materials including walls, trims, flooring, cabinets, and more. After determining the moisture level in the affected materials we either dry them in place, remove the affected material or both.



  In the event that there is excess or standing water, we extract the water from all floor covering. The water is removed so it will not continue to create damage.



  After moisture detection is complete, we determine the type and amount of equipment needed. We typically deploy a combination of drying fans, dehumidifiers, and negative air fans. The drying strategy & equipment quantity is determined by the size of the affected areas, the material being dried, the magnitude of the water damage, and when the loss occurred.

water damage categories

  • This is water that originated from a source that does not pose a substantial harm to humans. This includes sources such as rainwater, melted snow or ice, water supply lines, sinks, toilet bowls, and appliances that do not contain additives, chemical contaminants, or body fluids.


It is our mission to personally assist you through your crisis whether its fire, flood or mold damage.  Our entire team understands that you will have many questions and concerns and we will always take the time to explain the complex insurance claims process to you, so that you can feel informed and confident about what is transpiring.


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